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Since its establishment in 1996, Istek has been a venture company that concentrated its efforts in the development of products related to water quality analyzer. It was the first company in Korea to complete development of all kinds of basic equipment for all sorts of water quality experiments including pH/ISE Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, and Conductivity Meter.


Our company had been playing a leading role in the Korean basic science and environment industry. Not only by steadily supplying products in experimental research fields or industrial sites such as environment, chemical, medical, biological, food, pharmacy, metal, ocean and agriculture, but also by forming a reasonable price structure in the Korean water quality measuring instrument market where foreign products used to dominate.

Recently, we have completed development of high value added system equipments incorporating high technology such as integrated water quality measuring instrument and automated remote measuring instrument, in order to lay a secure foundation as a leading maker in Korea and to make another leap towards becoming a global maker. We have build a secure basis as a specialized maker of water quality related products that can join the industrial equipment market which we were unable to enter in the past. I believe this was made possible by our employees’ efforts to grow into a world-class enterprise, together with the support of our many clients.

Moreover, thanks to the constant effort to achieve excellent quality and competitive edge of our products, we obtained certification from ISO9001, European Quality Certification (CE), Korean Excellent Quality Certification (EM), Product Excellence Certification from the Public Procurement Service. Even under the worst circumstances we concentrated our energies on technology development and obtained the Innovative Technology Award, Grand Prize for Practical New Technology, and Excellent Competitive Technology Enterprise from the Small and Medium Business Administration. More recently, having obtained the New Technology Certification from the Ministry of Science and Technology (KT), we have secured recognition for our technology. We have also received recognition in the business aspect from the government, selected as Promising Small or Medium Business, Promising Exporting Small or Medium Business, Export Support Recipient Business and Export Enterprising Business. We also achieved remarkable growth in the sales aspect. We achieved drastic sales growth every year, and we are in the black five years in a row. In the future, in the marketability aspect, prospects are bright as the potential demand for environment related products is infinite, thanks to the global environmental policies.
However, I believe our future is not secure. In order to survive the intense competition that changes every day, I believe that only our constant efforts including continued technology development without complacency, best quality, diversified market development, advanced management methods, will provide the stepping stone for us to grow into a world-class environmental enterprise in the 21st Century.
The management and employees promise to do our best, until the day comes when we stand tall as a company that offers satisfaction to the customer, a key enterprise that leads the high tech industry, a trustworthy company that meets all its social responsibilities,.
We hope that we continue to hold your continued interest and support in the future.
Thank you!

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