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The Warranty shall cease immediately and become void, if unauthorized repair, tampering, alteration or modification is done on the product.
The Serial Number must not be defaced or altered in any way.
The owner is required to provide proof of purchase at the time of service.
The warranty does not cover: a) Accessories, consumable items, wear and tear parts, corrosion, rusting or stains. b) Transportation costs incurred in sending the product for repair. c) Malfunctions or damages resulting from acts of God, fire, civil-unrest or appliances/set has been dropped. d) Usage of wrong electrical supply/voltage. e) Usage not in accordance with the operation instruction booklet. f) Demonstration of appliances/sets.
The warranty expressly provide for herein is the sole warranty provided in connection with the product, and no other warranty expressly or implied, is provided. We disclaim any responsibilities for any other claims, with regards to other software, monitor, electrodes, and any other peripherals used in connection with the product under warranty.

Warranty Period (From date of manufacture)
Portables and Lab Meters
2 years
SOWA On-line Products
1 year
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